Zinc Cleaners: Clean and protect in fewer steps and at lower cost.

Zinc is prone to react to overly acidic and alkaline cleaners. That’s why you need expert advice and careful product selection. Our technical staff can recommend specifically formulated cleaners that remove contaminants without damaging the metal.

Zinc Spray Cleaners

pHRecommended Operating TemperatureConcentrationSolvent-FreeNon-Chelated
Lusterclean 40 LF8.5-9.5
Aquaease PL 71412-12.5120-170°F2-6%x

Zinc Electrocleaners

pHRecommended Operating TemperatureConcentrationPowderPhosphate-Free
Aquaease E 909113-14
110-160°F4-10 oz/galx
Aquaease E 935413-14110-125°F4-10 oz/galxx

Zinc Soak - Ultrasonic Cleaners

pHRecommended Operating TemperatureConcentrationSilicate-FreePhosphate-Free
Aquaease S 995NA
180-205°F6-12 oz/galx
Aquaease SL 8012.5+140-190°F5-20%x
Lusterclean 40 LF8.5-9150-200°F3-10%x

How Do You Choose the Right Zinc Cleaner?

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